Uplighting and Lighting services

 What is uplighting? The pictures just about explain it all. Our uplighting is compact, completely wireless and battery operated and can be placed anywhere in the room. Over 198 LED's create a wash of just about any color of your choice throughout the room. Uplights are strategically placed along walls, columns and architecture within the room to transform a boring room into an elegant looking room.  Uplighting is very popular among weddings and upscale parties.

How many lights do I need?

 The number of uplights vary per venue and can range anywhere from 12 uplights for a small room, 16-20 for a medium size room and 20-24 lights for a large room.  Typically we will initiate a site survey, free of charge,  to determine how many uplights will be needed to fill a room. If the pricing is not in your budget, you can customize a venue by lighting one or two walls. We do recommend uplighting the entire room to create the overall light washing effect.

Pricing without a DJ

Rent anywhere from 12-24 uplights, costs include set up and break down time. If you choose, a remote control can be provided to control uplighting colors. 

  • 12 uplights - $500
  • 16 uplights - $800
  • 20 uplights - $1200
  • 24 uplights - $1600

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Pricing with a DJ

 *Please note this is for uplighting pricing only and does not include DJ pricing. Please see our "Event Packages" or "Weddings" pages for DJ pricing

  • 12 uplights - $400
  • 16 uplights - $650
  • 20 uplights - $1000
  • 24 uplights - $1400

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